It’s true. Not all real estate agents are created equal

While real estate agents are undeniably snappy dressers, at Educated Property we’re more than just a shiny pair of loafers paired with chinos. We’re a team with heart – a team who likes hot beverages, doesn’t discriminate between white and milk chocolate, and loves a good laugh. We’re honest, genuine, and damn good at what we do.

And all without a loafer in sight.

Lisa Hall

Real Estate Agent

Lisa is quite possibly one of Penrith’s most unique real estate agents.

Taylor Barrington

Property Manager

Taylor is a qualified Property Manager who thrives on helping people.

Steven Allen

Property Manager

Steven made the leap from tertiary education into property and finance almost a decade ago, and hasn’t looked back.

Serena Fisher

Mortgage Broker/ Personal Assistant

Serena has been with Educated Property since its inception in 2011.

Kevin Allen


Like Tony, Kevin has been in the finance and property industries for over a decade.

Tony has been in the finance and property industries for over a decade.

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