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Buying, selling or leasing property? Enjoy a fresh approach with Penrith’s favourite real estate agents.

It’s real estate without the angst.

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If you think all real estate agents are the same, you haven’t worked with Educated Property. With a passion for Penrith, properties, and people, everything we do is geared towards giving you a better experience of selling or leasing your home.

Most importantly, we’re real. If you’re looking for a real estate agent that’s over-salesy and aggressive, we’re not for you.

But if you want honesty, open communication and reliability, we’ll be the perfect bricks to your mortar.

  • We offer real service, and real advice.
  • We listen to our clients, tenants and applicants.
  • We’re proudly independent, and proudly Penrith.

Best of all, we remove the stress by managing the entire buying, selling or leasing process on your behalf.

It’s everything you need to buy, sell or manage your property, minus the hard-core sales pitch.

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