Property Management

Property management is more than just collecting rent. Find out why below.

Effective Property Management

A good Property Manager needs to understand that they are managing one of the most important assets their owner has, and to do the job properly it involves effective communication of not only the landlord’s needs, but also those of the tenant.

We have been managing properties for many, many years. One of the most important things we have learned is that a tenant who feels valued and secure is much more likely to look after a property they are renting as if it were their own.

We help you prepare your property for market, find the right tenant, comply with your obligations as a landlord, and quickly and efficiently resolve any issues that come up throughout the tenancy.

Competitive Pricing

We are a boutique Real Estate Agency. Our business is built off the back of many years working in the finance and real estate industries and we have built our agency from scratch. This means that we can be flexible in terms of what we charge our landlords and they are not locked into the rigid rules and regulations of some of the big franchises. We cater our pricing to our individual landlords and will always be competitive.

Personalised Customer Service

We might not be the biggest property management practice but we know our clients better than anyone else. Because we have built our business from scratch we know each and every property and each and every landlord like the back of our hand. You will have flexible access to your Property Manager, and while we may make changes to our business from time to time you will know who is dealing with your property at all times to make communication easy.

Access to Suppliers

Our Agency has been in the property management business for many years. As such we have developed a fantastic network of suppliers so that we can get you the best value for money in relation to the management of your property. These include tradespeople in the areas of electrical, plumbing, pest control, landscaping and yard maintenance, carpentry, and general maintenance.

We can access services for you across our network of suppliers quickly and at competitive prices. Of course, you are welcome to instruct us to use whichever supplier you like, but one of the benefits of our service is that we have a great network of people to assist with the inevitable maintenance issues that arise with owning a rental property.

Set and Forget

One of the most important things we aim to do in our property management practice is to provide our clients with value for money. We want you to get “bang for your buck”. Collecting rent and reconciling utility bills, together with ongoing maintenance and repairs to your property, can be extremely time consuming.

If you add finding and liaising with tenants to this list, you get an extremely time consuming and sometimes stressful mix, especially if you are trying to juggle this with a hectic work schedule and a busy family and/or social life.

We take all of this off your hands and only contact you when we need to so that you can see your asset working for you with as little man hours from you as is possible.


We have a number of resources at our disposal. Not only do we have multiple Sales Agents and Property Managers, we are also part of a larger group of businesses that can provide support in the areas of finance and legal services.

Sometimes what might start as a property management issue evolves into something more. We can tap into these resources to provide you with the best advice you need in relation to all manner of issues that might arise with your property, including legal and financial.

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