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Find our how much your property is worth.

Knowing the Market Value of your Property is a Must

The first step in considering whether to list your property for sale is to find out what price you can expect to get. It can be challenging to put a dollar value on your own home. If you live at the property, it is a place you have spent years in building memories and no doubt immeasurable time and energy maintaining and improving. If it is an investment, you have had to work hard to maximise your return to build for your future. That is why a property appraisal from a real estate expert is so important. We have been through thousands of properties over many years and have spent countless hours on the ground in your local real estate market. We take a commercial approach in assessing what your property is worth while at the same time respecting the emotional attachment many people have to their home or investment property.

Best of all, our property appraisals are obligation free. We see a property appraisal as an opportunity to build a relationship with you, so there is no upfront cost or ongoing obligation for this service.

Assess Your Competition

If you list your property for sale it will be competing with other similar properties in your local market. As part of our appraisal service we look at what other similar properties like yours are selling for in your suburb. This helps you see where the market is at for your type of property in your specific area so that we can “tweak” your campaign to make your property stand out from the rest.

Manage Your Expectations

By getting an expert property appraisal that is accurate, you can manage your expectations as to what price you might receive for your property to avoid disappointment. Selling a home can be challenging as we sometimes place a dollar value on features that are attractive to us but may not be attractive to a buyer. By going through a detailed appraisal process early you can decide from the outset whether you are happy with the price you can expect to receive in the market conditions of the day before you go to market. No nasty surprises.

Get Tips on How to List

There are often small and affordable changes you can make to your property to make it more attractive to buyers. Part of our appraisal process is to inspect your property and give you advice on small improvements you can make to help your property sell faster at a premium price. Because our appraisal process is so detailed you get a head start on your competition as we give you advice to make your property as presentable as possible and stand out from other properties from the start. You would be surprised how small changes can have a big impact on the price you get for your property.

Obligation Free Advice and Feedback

Because our property appraisals are obligation free with no upfront changes, you can ask all of those burning questions that are on the tip of your tongue when considering selling. Most of us do not sell properties regularly so it is not surprising that you will have lots of questions that you wanted answered before you list your property. These questions can include everything from expected sale price to presentation tips and hints and finding out what you will be able to afford to do once your property is sold, for example upsize, downsize, or rent. This way, all of your questions are answered from the start and you armed with all of the information you need before you even go to market.

Get to Know Us

Selling a home or investment property is not just a commercial process. While the primary job of your real estate agent is to get you the best possible price for your property, there is always an element of trust involved. We are dealing with one of, if not your most valuable asset. Not only is this the case in monetary terms, but it is very likely that you will have an emotional attachment to the property. You need to feel comfortable with us, be able to trust us, and be confident that we are doing our best to meet your expectations. A property appraisal can be a little like a first date. We get to meet, get to know each other, and then you can decide if you would like us to list your property for sale.

The Appraisal Process

There are a number of different terms used to describe the property appraisal process. The most common terms are “property appraisal” or “market appraisal”. Both terms refer to the process of having an expert real estate agent assess your property to determine the likely price range your property fits into if you were to sell it.

In conducting a property appraisal for you, we take into account a number of considerations, including the following:

  • Comparable sales in your local area.

  • Market conditions, e.g. how quickly properties in your area are selling, levels of buyer interest.

  • Type of property, e.g. is your property a freestanding home, a strata unit, or some other type of property.

  • Timing, e.g. do you have the luxury of taking your time with the sale or are there other influences at play that mean that your property needs to sell quickly?

  • Demographics of the local area, e.g. should your marketing campaign be geared at families or towards investors?

  • The unique features of your property, e.g. what are its main selling points and how it stands out from other properties in the area?

It can be challenging to put a dollar value on your own home.

The process essentially works as follows:

  1. We come and meet you in your home. This is important for two reasons:
    • The first is that we need to get to know you and you need to get to know us. We want you to feel comfortable with us and trust us because you are selling one of your most important assets. Whether it is your home and you have years of memories and emotions attached to it, or an investment you have worked hard to build, you need feel comfortable and confident in our ability to meet your needs.

    • The second aspect, which is just as important, is that we need to get to know your property almost as well as you do. We need you to show us through your home like you would a friend, teaching us about not only the standard features such as number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms and standard inclusions, but also the little things that have made you fall in love with your property. Is there a nook next to a window that gets natural sunlight all day where you sit in and read for hours? Is there a spot in the backyard that is perfectly shaded even on a hot summers day where the kids play? Remember, we are selling a home, not just a house.

  2. We get information from you about the property.

    This includes basic and detailed information such as whether or not you have done any work at the property with or without Council approval, whether or not there are any problems at the property that you think we should be aware of, when your last pest inspection and/or treatment was, and whether you have approvals in place for things like swimming pools and spas. Do not panic if you do not have these documents or approvals, it is just important that we know so that we have all of the information we need at hand as we are going to be introducing your property to buyers as if it were our own. While we cannot offer any legal advice, it also helps us to be able to advise you on some of the things you need to talk to your Solicitor or Conveyancer about.

  3. We prepare a written property appraisal for you and provide it for you to consider.

    We can also sit down and explain it to you, giving you insight as to how we have arrived at the price range we expect your property will fall in to make sure that your expectations are in line with the market. There is nothing worse than a real estate agent promising an exorbitant price to get a listing over the line only to disappoint their seller down the track. We are very transparent and will tell you exactly what we think we can achieve for your property from the start. If you get above and beyond that price, that is a bonus.

  4. We discuss our payment structures with you.

    This includes a discussion about commission and other charges such as advertising. We have range of options you can choose from.

    For more information on what happens next, please see our “The Sale Process” page.

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