Taylor Breckenridge

Real Estate Agent

Contact: 0405 535 500

Taylor is a qualified Real Estate Agent who thrives on helping people.

Ensuring her landlord’s homes are well looked after, she’s a problem-solver who rises to any challenge. Taylor is an exceptional communicator and a skilled negotiator who works hard to deliver win/win outcomes. Professionally, her favourite part of the day is the joy that comes from helping a young couple rent their first home.

When she’s not working, Taylor’s partial to a spot of shopping or dining with friends. She’s a dog fan (‘if you don’t love dogs you’re not human’), and can put away up to five cups of Earl Grey tea in a day (yes, you read that right – a day!).

Having spent a glorious six weeks in Europe, Switzerland’s fresh air and green grass has won her heart. But not as much as dark chocolate…

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