Steve Allen

Steve Allen

Property Manager

0424 174 725

Steven was one of the first property managers to start at Educated Property and has grown it ever since.

His ambition, attention to detail and client satisfaction has seen his clients build a long-lasting relationship with him that has been maintained by constant trust and commitment to providing the best possible service.

"Trust, honesty and commitment to my owners and tenants has led to my successful Relationships"

Stevens background is quite vast for our youngest employee with his bachelors of applied finance and his certificate of registration Steven has focused on education and networks before his time with us and has now shown that his young, innovative ideas and great repour with clients can really bring something new to the property management game.

"Technologically advances in today’s society has meant that my clients can contact me 24 hours a day, 7 days a week anywhere is the world"

Allowing my owners and tenants to have constant access to myself and not an answering machine has meant I have achieved top results for all parties.

Greatest moment was when I was on holidays over Christmas and I was on a beach, I had a tenant call me with a burst pipe under the sink, by the next day the piped had been fixed and all parties were happy again and there was running water again. Always having my mobile on me is a significant difference between myself and other property managers.